Where are these illustrations coming from??

This poorly-designed little blog is the work of Chris and Gina Allen. Normally, we run a little mom and pop architecture practice from our home in Rosedale, but this month, we've pretty much dropped that gig to focus on doing something the City and its consultants have refused to do since the beginning of the CodeNEXT process: show Austin what the code will produce.

Chris is an architect with more than 30 years of experience in dealing with Austin's development code. He  served on the City's McMansion Task Force (creating Austin's original Affordability Ordinance) in 2006, then on the City's Code Advisory Group for CodeNEXT.

Gina's degrees from UT Austin include one in Real Estate and Urban Land Development, and she worked in real estate feasibility and market analysis before shifting to working in the design practice.

Together, they've worked for decades on behalf of their Rosedale neighborhood with an eye toward maintaining the diversity and affordability of the area and working with developers and the City to make Rosedale more livable and walkable.

All of these models/illustrations are a collaboration that comes from decades of real estate and architectural/land use expertise stuck in the same room. We sure know how to have fun!

Your hosts (1984). Grab a beer and we'll fire up the new grille!